Enforce ban on coaching business

8th February, 2019 09:35:31 printer

We welcome the High Court verdict regarding ban on private coaching business by teachers of both public and private educational institutions. The government did the same in 2012 but failed to implement the same as a section of teachers went to court challenging the legality of such governmental policy. Finally, the court ruled that there is no illegality in the government policy and it is valid in the eyes of law, as it was framed in line with the relevant law. Now we hope the ban will be implemented strictly.

There is no denying that the widespread practice of offering private tuition by teachers to the neglect of their duty in classroom is responsible for decline in quality of education. Still what kept the practice going is the greed of a section of teachers, which even led them to go to the court to legalise coaching business. Where have they mortgaged their morality?

We, however, think the coaching should be banned all together to effectively bring teaching and learning back to the classroom. At present it appears that teaching in the schools is being overshadowed by private tuition and coaching centres. One cannot be blamed for thinking that schools are there only to conduct exams and issue certificates, while the teaching and learning is done in private tuition/coaching centres. Thus schools are being robbed of its sacred duty of imparting education to students.

Coaching centres may equip students better to face examinations but the system of education in private tuition contradicts the aim of education, which is to make students think and nurture their innate potentials. At the same time, private tuition/coaching centres are a blow to the creative method introduced in textbook curriculum. Thanks to the coaching culture students are getting accustomed to having readymade answers provided by private tutors. As a result, most of the students these days do not brainstorm to solve a problem, stunting their thinking power.

Now, with the ban imposed by High Court, we hope the coaching business will come to an end and no teacher will bunk their duties in school.