Bangladeshi Anisha leads Oxford student union | 2019-02-08

Bangladeshi Anisha leads Oxford student union

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8th February, 2019 07:43:22 printer

Bangladeshi Anisha leads Oxford student union

Bangladeshi student Anisha Faruk has been elected the president of student union at world renowned Oxford University in the United Kingdom.


She picked up the highest number of votes in each round to win the presidency, according to the intercampus newsletter Oxford Student.


After three rounds of preferential voting, the result of the annual election was announced at an event in the university’s Weston Library on Thursday.


Anisha, a third year undergraduate historian at the Queen’s College, is the daughter of retired Bangladesh Army major Faruk Ahmed.


As candidate of the Oxford Impact panel, Anisha won a tough battle against her two rivals – Ivy Manning, an independent candidate and Ellie Milne-Brown, the candidate for the Aspire panel.


She served as the co-chair of the Oxford University Labour Club and was the editor-in-chief of The Oxford Student.


In an interview before the election, Anisha was asked why she thought her panel was special.  “I think the diversity of our slate is its strength,” she said.


“We all come from different parts of student life, from student politics to theatre to sport so I think we represent a lot of students in that between us we’ve experienced the breadth of student life and we can bring that representation to the SU.”


Established in 1961 as the Oxford University Student Representative Council, the student body aims to facilitate communication between students and university officials, as well as between students, local councils and the government.