Security informers turning to crime! | 2019-02-08

Security informers turning to crime!

Ahamed Ullah

8th February, 2019 08:54:52 printer

Security informers turning to crime!

In a country where there were one policeman for 800 people, fighting crime was not easy and required a large number of informers. What was now worrying for elite Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and the police that there appointed informers were turning to crime.

This development, if found true, would be a major set-back for our security agencies and some victims said they were panic-stricken.

Several Dhaka residents alleged that RAB and police informers were increasingly getting involved in different crimes committing crimes including drug peddling and extortion.

It is alleged that these informers instead of tracking down criminals in solving cases or to bring down the country’s crime rate secretly, they have been identifying themselves as powerful government men.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Deputy Commissioner (media) Masudur Rahman said “none is above the law and criminals would be punished if the allegations are found true.”

Many of the informers were also allegedly involved in lobbying with police in favour of wrongdoers to establish their own influence in almost in all the 50 police stations spread across the overcrowded capital.

Sometimes, they provide police and RAB with wrong information to serve their own interest and have no accountability as they were not officially recognised

Residents feared that if the allegations were found correct then all kinds of efforts to fight crime would go in vain.

Along with informers, some police and RAB field-level police officers and other ranks were also involved in illegal drug trade.

Many informers have been rounded up by law enforcers on charges of committing crimes, including drug trade.

According to the Department of Narcotics Control (DNC), they allocate money for the sources.

But, the money allocated by the police for informers was not reaching them, pushing them to commit crime.;

A police official seeking anonymity said the informers were mostly seasoned criminals and caution must be taken to use their help.

ABM Najmus Sakib, a teacher of Criminology Department at Dhaka University, told the daily Sun: “Law enforcement agencies should verify the information given by the informers or sources.”

 “Law enforcement agencies should cross-check all the information collected from their informers,” he added.

He also suggested that they should not depend on them totally and keep a tab on them on a regular basis.