Thwarting human trafficking effectively

7th February, 2019 10:41:08 printer

That a good number of people are hoodwinked every year by local gangs of fake recruiting agents linked up with international rackets is a sad reality in our society. The unemployed youths are in desperate need for jobs inside or outside the country. But most of them are not fully aware of the safe process of securing overseas jobs. Human traffickers in the guise of manpower exporter take advantage of their gullibility, give them false promises of good jobs with better pay and squeeze out from them handsome amounts money as travel and visa processing expenses. The criminals ultimately throw their victims to their fate and they themselves vanish into the thin air. And in certain cases the human traffickers send their victims to foreign lands but without any job security. 

Usually poorer and uneducated sections of the people easily fall prey to the fraudsters. Driven by desperate attempt to make an honest and descent living, they sell whatever meagre property they might have or borrow money to meet the demand of the criminals but ultimately end up in utter destitution. In some case, they cannot at all travel to their destinations and whoever somehow manages to go, return home empty-handed. The socio-economic impact of these fraudulent practices of the human traffickers is usually very devastating for most of the victims – they slide down to poverty level and find it difficult to come of the labyrinth.

The criminal activities of the fraudsters have been going on over several decades but no effective measures have ever been taken to thwart the offence. Lack of awareness of the gullible persons is one of the reasons for the unabated surge of the crime. At the same time, failure of the law enforcement agencies to devise methods to frustrate the ill-pursuits of the human traffickers is no less responsible for this. In this era of digital communication, lists of genuine recruiting agents and recruitment process can be posted on social media walls and people maybe asked to check them before reaching agreement with any manpower exporter. Data centres can also be opened down to the Union Parishad level to provide necessary information to the jobseekers.