52-year-old father of 3 sits for Dakhil exams | 2019-02-04

52-year-old father of 3 sits for Dakhil exams

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4th February, 2019 12:05:32 printer

52-year-old father of 3 sits for Dakhil exams

From the spiritual power and burning desire to learn, Shafiqul Islam, aged 52, is appearing in the Dakhil (vocational) examination for 2017-2018 academic year, even as one of his daughters is an Honour’s student.


Like all Dakhil examinees, Shafiqul’s exams started on February 2 this year. But unlike his fellow candidates at the Shalfa Technical and BM College exam centre, Shafiqul is a father of three.


Locals said Shafiqul, son of late Sonaullah Sheikh of Chandiar village in Dhunat upazila of the district studied at the Hapunia Dakhil Madrasa situated in Sherpur upazila. 


Shafiqul said, “My elder daughter has been studying at Sherpur Town Club Public Mohila College, second one at Bishwa Harigacha College in Dhunat upazila and youngest one in school.”


Seeing his daughters touched by the light of education inspired Shafiqul to strive to match them, even at his advanced age.


“My family members especially the girls always inspire me to take education and say there is no cut-off age for education. Having their support now I am taking my Dakhil examination this year,” he added.


Exam Centre Secretary Principal Md Yusuf Ali said among 217 students, Shafiqul is the only elderly candidate. Seeing him, others can be inspired to gain admission at advanced age and avail education as Shafiqul proves there is no cut off age for education, the secretary added.


Source: UNB