Floods in Saudi Arabia kill 12 | 2019-02-01

Floods in Saudi Arabia kill 12

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1st February, 2019 05:11:04 printer

Floods in Saudi Arabia kill 12

Floods this week in Saudi Arabia killed 12 people and led to dozens of rescues, the Civil Defense said on Friday, reports Arab News. 

The main emergency operations took place in Tabuk where 10 people died since heavy rain started on Sunday. One person died in Madinah where dramatic videos showed flood waters pouring through the streets. Another person was killed in the northern border regions.


The emergency services rescued 271 people from flooded areas, more than half of them in Tabuk.

Heavy downpours of rain have hit several areas of Saudi Arabia this week, mainly in western and northwestern parts of the Kingdom near its border with Jordan.

Prince Faisal bin Salman, governor of Medinah province visited those affected in flooded regions.


A number of committees have been set up to assess the damage caused by the bad weather, the agency said.

Saudi Press Agency reports also highlighted where drainage systems at points around the city of Tabuk had been effective, and that further future works would be carried out to improve the city's drainage during heavy rainfall.