Fortnite developer removes gambling from loot boxes

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30th January, 2019 05:37:24 printer

Fortnite developer removes gambling from loot boxes

There have been considerable concerns about kids and young people picking up gambling habits thanks to random loot boxes in games like Fortnite . But Epic Games is putting a stop to this aspect of the boxes.


Previously players would have the opportunity to buy a loot box without knowing what was inside. This meant that people could become hooked on the opening of them tracking down illusive items.


Previous loot boxes took the form of a V-Bucks Llama which was randomised daily for Save The World players. The new Llama will have its contents clearly visible before you smash it open with an axe.


While the contents will still be a random roll of luck, you'll be able to choose if you want the contents before making payment. That essentially removes the gambling element from the loot boxes, which is likely to appease groups concerned about this activity.


The other mechanics of loot boxes in the game remain unchanged. You'll still be offered things you don't currently have in your inventory within certain boundaries.


The example Epic gives is that if you are offered a shotgun, it will be one you don't already have. That changes if you have all the shotguns - and at that point you'll be given a dupe, not a different weapon type.


You will also not be able to bulk-buy Llamas. That makes sense because you'll need to be informed about the contents of each one before you open it.

Epic also points out that the mini and event Llamas will not be transparent in this way. You will, therefore be able to continue to bulk open these as they are not paid-for.