Doctors find live maggot in woman's face | 2019-01-30

Doctors find live maggot in woman's face

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30th January, 2019 05:02:14 printer

Doctors find live maggot in woman's  face

A British woman who returned from her holiday with a strange lump in her forehead was found to have a live maggot living in there.

The 55-year-old woman, who is unnamed, had been on holiday in Uganda and found the lump nine days after returning back to the UK.


When she first went to hospital , doctors misdiagnosed the lump as an infected insect bite and sent her home with antibiotics.

However, three days later she found that the lump had got worse, and was even causing swelling to her eyelids.


A subsequent examination revealed a small opening at the centre of the lump, with a watery discharge coming out.

And when doctors cut the hole open, they discovered a live Lund’s fly maggot.

Thankfully, the team was able to successfully remove the maggot, according to the report.


But how did the maggot get inside her head?

Speaking to live science doctors suggest that the woman is likely to have come into contact with the insect by wrapping a wet maggot-infested towel on her head. Thankfully, the woman has recovered and her head has fully healed.

Note to self - always check your towel before wrapping it on your head!





News Source: Mirror