Apps to get your new year started on the right track

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29th January, 2019 06:46:09 printer

Apps to get your new year started on the right track

Are you trying to cook healthy meals everyday? Or maybe you just need to catch up on your reading list? Perhaps remember to not lose touch with friends?


Well, there's an app for everything, and this isn't an exception to that particular rule.

In 2019, you have a variety of apps to choose from to start building good habits. So why not start right now?



StickK is actually backed by science, having been developed by behavioral economists at Yale University. You create a "contract" with yourself to reach your goals, and it even allows you to bet money (on your success of course). As a side bonus, you can designate a friend to have access, so they can keep checking up on your data and make sure you're not flagging



Grow is as simple as they come, with a minimalist style. This theme extends to the interface as well, which is easy to use from the moment you pick it up. And to help you visualize your progress, a sapling in the background slowly begins to grow and mature into a tree, hence the name.



Streaks is pretty great, having even won an Apple design award. It's aim is to motivate you enough to maintain a 12 day streak of a good habit, or of quitting a bad one. You're free to customise the interface, and it's also easily integrated with the popular Health app on iOS.



Fabulous is another research-based app, having been incubated at the Duke University Behavioural Economics Lab. It's also one of the best looking on this list, but is also unfortunately paid. You can start using its many features for free, and if you like it that's going to cost you about Rs 6,500 a year.



Habitica has one of the coolest themes among these choices. It turns the habit tracking app into a roleplaying game (RPG), complete with a health, experience, and mana bar for your avatar. Completing different tasks gives you one of those three, while the game itself makes sure you keep coming back so it can remind you of tasks.



Balanced is much narrower in its approach, allowing you to only mark healthy task goals, like for food, exercise, and sleep. It also forces you to concentrate on just three tasks at a time, so you're not overwhelmed.



Daily is another habit encouraging app that's very easy to use. It's Today page lets you glance at all your currently tracked tasks, as well as how far along you are to reaching your goal. From the All Habits page, you can customise each of these with a schedule, reminders, colours, and badges.




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