World's oldest Nobel prize winner Arthur Ashkin

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29th January, 2019 06:26:03 printer

World's oldest Nobel prize winner Arthur Ashkin

Arthur Ashkin isn't your ordinary 96-year-old senior citizen.  He's a scientist and an inventor. Last year he became the oldest Nobel Prize winner for breakthroughs in the world of physics.


And now the old genius has set his sights on revolutionizing the world of solar energy, and making it accessible and cheap for all the world.


The 96 year old Nobel laureate has converted his house's basement into a mad laboratory where he's trying to achieve a lifelong dream -- creating a solar energy device that can make electricity cheap and affordable for everyone in the world.


According to a Business Insider report, Ashkin's idea is pretty simple. His invention uses the power of geometry to capture and utilize light like it has never been done before. With the help of tubes, he concentrates and intensifies solar radiation.


If you think Arthur Ashkin's solar energy solution will cost a bomb, you couldn't be more wrong.

The solar tubes are "dirt cheap," Ashkin claims, and that gives him confidence that his invention "will save the world."