Zimbabwe scrambles to ease passengers’ woes after protests

27th January, 2019 10:19:33 printer

HARARE: An ecstatic Zimbabwean passenger Shylot Sibanda screams with joy as he boards a bus from downtown Harare to the township of Budiriro. The fare has been slashed to a third of what he paid last week.

It’s the result of government action — after nationwide demonstrations over fuel hikes earlier this month — in a country suffering from spiralling inflation and regular shortages of necessities, reports AFP.

Under pressure following international criticism of its brutal put-down of the protests, the government has scrambled to revive its public transport company Zupco after years of mismanagement and corruption.

“We are happy with what the government has done and we hope it continues,” Sibanda, 40, yelled through an open window as the bus pulled out of the busy terminus.