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Russia, Serbia sign deal on use of nuclear energy

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24th January, 2019 09:25:04 printer

During the recent visit of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Republic of Serbia, an inter-governmental agreement was signed for use of nuclear energy in peaceful purposes.

The agreement creates a legal foundation for the practical implementation of joint projects in peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Alexey Likhachev, Director General of Russia’s state atomic energy corporation, Rosatom and Nenad Popovich, Minister in charge of innovation and technological development of Serbia signed the agreement in Serbian capital Belgrade.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Serbian President Alexander Vucic were present on the occasion.

The inter-governmental agreement identifies a wide range of  areas of bi-lateral co-operation including assistance in creation and improvement of nuclear energy infrastructure in Serbia.

"Serbia has unique potential and experience in the development and use of nuclear technologies. We have identified projects that will combine professional human and technical competencies of Russia and Serbia.”

The intergovernmental agreement also provides for the formation of joint working groups to carry out specific projects and research, as well as expert exchange,  organization of seminars and conferences, assistance in educating and training scientific and technical personnel, equipment, materials and components supply.