Efficiency in project implementation stressed | 2019-01-24

Efficiency in project implementation stressed

23rd January, 2019 09:46:35 printer

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has emphasised the need to serve the people best and to realise the hope and aspiration of the voters who helped AL-led alliance to bag a landslide victory in the election. From the very beginning of activities of the new cabinet, she reaffirmed the commitment to fulfil the promises made in the election manifesto. At the first Executive Committee of National Economic Council meeting after the election, we see the reflection of the pledge. The Premier emphasised implementing projects faster and in an efficient way before approving any one.

Under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina, many sectors witnessed a significant boost in the last decade. The country continues to rise as a role model of development. She is leading the country to earning the middle-income country and a developed country statuses by 2021 and 2041 respectively. The government implemented many projects successfully in the past, some mega infrastructure projects are underway and a good number of them will be implemented in days to come for achieving the targets.

Throughout this progressive journey, the country is getting maturity in implementing projects. Many countries have records of implementing projects within and even before the stipulated time and thereby accelerating the pace of their development. Though Bangladesh has been improving its efficiency level to complete projects on time and efficiently, it has a lot more to do to reach that stage.

As we observed, projects start late due to various management constraints and face a delay in getting finance and technical assistance in the middle which causes rashness at the final stage. As a result, projects are not completed in time maintaining proper quality and standard which, in many cases, affects the project benefits negatively. If this situation continues, it will be difficult for the government to achieve the development benchmarks.  

Hasina mentioned the country's success of achieving 7.86 per cent GDP growth rate and intended to maintain this growth rate. Her government is committed to improving the lives and livelihoods of those who have reposed their trust and confidence on her party through the election. She urged all to work with utmost sincerity and integrity and stressed to keep up vigilance and monitoring to implement development projects in time maintaining quality and standard. He guideline shows the path to faster progress and prosperity of the country.