Ensure RMG workers’ safety: Trade union to government | 2019-01-17

Ensure RMG workers’ safety: Trade union to government


17th January, 2019 07:19:04 printer

Ensure RMG workers’ safety: Trade union to government

The Garment Workers’ Trade Union Center (GWTUC) urged the government on Thursday to ensure the safety of readymade garment workers who demonstrated over wage disparity.


Trade union leaders requested the government “to stop arresting and harassing” RMG workers. They also demanded the release of arrested workers and urged factory owners to rescind the suspension of the protesters.


RMG workers took to the streets on January 8-14, seeking higher wages and overhauling the wage structure announced by the government.


“Thousands of workers are being suspended after the protests,” GWTUC General Secretary Joly Talukder claimed at a human chain in front of the Jatiya Press Club.


Several factories sacked over 100 workers, for taking part in “illegal strikes” and posted their names and pictures on a notice board.


“The arrest and suspension of workers will not do the sector any good,” Joly said.


She also claimed that trade union Office Secretary Joynal Abedin had been missing since January 14 after he was picked up from his Uttara residence.


Joynal’s mother Jahida Begum said plainclothesmen took away her son. “Give me back my son. He was not involved with any illegal activities,” she said.