Sheikh Hasina, Challenge-chaser Maestro of Politics

Sakib Hasan

13th January, 2019 11:16:37 printer

Sheikh Hasina, Challenge-chaser Maestro of Politics

Sakib Hasan

Riding challenges along rugged political tracks round the clock makes up the glorious parts of routine schedules typical of the strongly committed political leaders staying at the helm of the state affairs. When a political leader with a rare breed pragmatic political acumen journeys home unharmed through some dangerous courses, he/she simply surpasses himself/herself readily and attains a larger-than-life stature. Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has convincingly proved her unquestionable superiority as an able statesman riding some extremely dangerous political storms safely and once failed in those do-or-die missions anyway meant for her just a one-way ticket to her life-threatening entrance into a raging claustrophobia of persecution for herself and her party.

Sheikh Hasina is a charismatic political leader primarily because of her uncanny skills in making serious political decisions with unerring accuracy. When the major 20-party opposition alliance led by BNP boycotted the 10th national election, Sheikh Hasina did not make any mistake in taking the right decision in right time. She stubbornly persisted to cling to the constitutional continuity and held the national election as per the schedule of the Election Commission. It was later proved unquestionably that she was absolutely correct and the opposition who boycotted the election was totally rejected by the Bangladeshi people and the international communities as well. When the World Bank refused to fund the Padma Bridge and even when many cabinet ministers including the finance minister tried to dissuade Hasina to go on with the Padma Bridge, she made the dashing decision to carry on with the Padma Bridge on the own. Now the physical infrastructure of the Padma Bridge has begun to be visible giving legitimacy to Hasina’s boldly unilateral decision.

Sheikh Hasina is a rare breed of supremely courageous leader who dauntlessly stands before the raging storm imbued with the spirit of Liberation War. Trying the war criminals of 1971 was the boldest ever initiative taken by her after the War of Liberation. Not bowing down to any internal and external pressure, she went on with her mission in fulfilling her avowed commitment to the nation. Thus executing her most challenging commitment, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has gone down in history being a leader of world stature.

Being a successful manager of the affairs of the state, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ensured peace and stability in the country through her consummate tactical skills in neutralising the destabilising forces and eliminating the potential threats of subversion and extremism. Showing zero tolerance to religious fanaticism and fundamentalism, Sheikh Hasina has triumphantly upheld the basic principle of secularism declared in our constitution. In fact, the long uninterrupted spell of stability during her tenure obviously makes up the exclusive chemistry of her development vision.

Hasina’s extraordinary handling of the hugely gigantic humanitarian Rohingya issue at once brought her acclaim and recognition of her superlative capable leadership beyond the national borders. Giving shelter to more than seven lakhs Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina has truly emerged as the Mother of Humanity. All global bodies by awarding innumerable titles and tags have virtually recognised her outstanding contributions towards distressed humanity. Ensuring the better living conditions and increasing the facilities for the long deprived enclaves’ inhabitants, she has held out a dream of living with dignity before these distressed and detached people from light.These unbelievably daunting tasks of rehabilitating and resettling underprivileged and deprived people was a challenge for her which Sheikh Hasina has overcome with her singular charisma and courage.

Sheikh Hasina has now become a symbol of national unity and solidarity. She embodies even in a narrow sense an entity that is ever vigilant to thwart all conspiracies against Bangladesh unitedly. Those who love Bangladesh and her independent spirit must lend their whole-hearted support to Sheikh Hasina so as to help her carry her onward march of development in building our long-cherished Sonar Bangla. We must keep in mind that the successors of the heinous reactionary elements who killed the Father of the Nation are still lying round the corner in wait for the slimmest chance to destabilise the enviable development of Bangladesh once again. We must not give them the least minimum chance.

Sheikh Hasina’s landslide victory in the just concluded 11th national election has conclusively proved an overwhelming electoral mandate in favour of her mission and commitments. By voting Sheikh into power for the fourth time, people has reposed their unalloyed trust in her. Now it is the turn for the Bangladesh Awami League to keep up with the trust. The best possible way to celebrate the overwhelming victory is to materialise the hopes and aspirations of the people from all walks of life. We are hoping for the best to come very soon.


The writer is an Assistant Professor of English, Bogura Cantonment Public School & College