Workers demand justice over RMG worker Sumon’s killing


9th January, 2019 03:38:00 printer

Workers demand justice over RMG worker Sumon’s killing

Garment Workers Front on Wednesday held a rally in front of Jatiya Press Club demanding justice for RMG worker Sumon Mia who was shot dead allegedly by police on Tuesday in clash between them.


The workers’ rally which was presided over by the organisation’s President Ahsan Habib Bulbul also demanded compensation as well as arrest of those who were responsible for the murder.


Sumon Mia, 22, a worker of Anlima Textile, was killed and 30 others injured in clashes with police during demonstrations at Hemayetpur on Tuesday.


Socialist Workers Front President Abdur Razzaque said the wage board formed for the garment workers has implemented a biased salary structure influenced by the factory owners.


“Workers who are the key to garment industries were being beaten and shot at when they demanded justice," he added.


In a written statement, the leaders of the organization pointed out several flaws of wage structure such as decrease in basic salary of different grades; discriminating wage increment among grades and low increase rate of skilled workers' salary.


They also marked that the current wage structure has caused discontentment among the workers and hence hampering the production.


The leaders put forward a set of proposals to resolve issues including even wage increase, keeping 67 percent of total salary as basic and removing the wage discrimination between second and third grade.


Among others presented at the rally, Socialist Workers Front General Secretary Razakujjaman Ratan, Garments Workers Front Vice-president Khalequzzaman Lipon, General Secretary Selim Mahmud, Joint-secretary Jahangir Alam Golok spoke.