Cow feeds 4 puppies after their mother dies in accident (Video)

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5th January, 2019 03:41:25 printer

Cow feeds 4 puppies after their mother dies in accident (Video)

Who doesn’t like heartwarming stories of interspecies friendships? Just days ago, a video of a cat and dog bonding together went viral all over the Internet. And now another such video has made its way online. The video, captured in Uttar Pradesh of India, shows a cow nursing four puppies on a street.


The short video was recorded by a bystander who couldn’t help but capture the unusual sight before him.


According to some accounts the mother of the four puppies was killed in an accident not long after giving birth. The puppies were eventually adopted by cow who feeds them every day.


The video was shared on social media and received a lot of reactions from people.

Just last week, a video posted by Twitter user Jordan Ireland showed her pet dog and cat showering each other with love. The animals - that are known to not get along with one another - displayed some incredible friendship. The six-seconds-long video shows dog Maggi gently petting cat Pumpkin’s back. Pumpkin is then seen reciprocating the affection by giving Maggi a hug. Since being shared on December 29, the video has collected almost 14 million views - and still counting.


More recently, in a “rare phenomenon”, a lioness at Gir Forest, Gujarat adopted a one-and-half month old leopard cub after it was separated from its mother. Spotted by forest staff around six days ago, the lioness was seen feeding the leopard cub along with two of its own cubs.


Source: Hindustan Times