Colombia condemns ‘plot’ to kill president | 2018-12-31

Colombia condemns ‘plot’ to kill president

30th December, 2018 09:35:07 printer

BOGOTA: Colombia’s foreign minister on Saturday condemned an alleged plot to kill President Ivan Duque and said three Venezuelan citizens had been detained in possession of “weapons of war”, reports AFP.

“For several months there have been intelligence probes into possible attacks against the life of the president,” Carlos Holmes Trujillo said in a video on the ministry’s social media accounts.

He added that three Venezuelans in possession of “weapons of war” had been captured in connection with such plots, without going into further details.

In a separate statement, Trujillo said that the threats came from “internal and external actors.”

The announcements come amid tensions between Bogota and Caracas, following the mutual expulsion of officials from both nations and the presence earlier this month of Russian long-range bombers in Venezuela.