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Best Of 2018 In International Music

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

26th December, 2018 10:07:20 printer

Best Of 2018 In International Music

2018 was a year of the hottest songs. However, unlike 2017, it didn’t create songs that would change a country’s history like ‘Despacito’. Neither was there any of the sort of ‘Shape of You’ or ‘Mi Gente’. But isn’t that great? It means the songs were steamy and fresh, right out of the oven! There were new flavours which our ears simply loved. Take “Taki Taki” as an example. We just can’t stop dancing to it! There was that hint of difference in this year’s music which makes it clearly distinct. Here are a few that I loved from this year! I am sure you love them as well.


 “Girls Like You” by

Maroon 5 feat Cardi B

Beginning with the chocolate guys- Maroon 5- was a bit different this year. Not only was the song a breath of fresh air, the video was cool too. Stars such as Wonder Woman herself (Rita Ora), Jennifer Lopez, Mary J Blige, Ellen Degeneres, etc made the video even more viewable. The song and the video were so captivating that the music video is ranked as the second most viewed music video on the internet. It’s also Vevo’s most viewed video of the year.


“Baby” by Clean Bandit with Marina & Luis Fonsi

When it’s a Clean Bandit song, you know it’s a hit. Moreover, there are super powers such as Marina and Luis Fonsi! The song talks of a long lost love and perhaps that’s the reason why it’s so popular. The melody is definitely hypnotic as well. The dreamy acoustic version became just as popular as the original song.


“Havana” by Camila


Camila Cabello’s debut album “The Hurting, The Healing” had everything right in it. One such thing was the song Havana. People simply adored it. Camila proves that any girl can have a solo career, no matter how popular the band she had been was!


“Breathe” by Jax Jones

You have to fall in love with the mesmerizing beats and cool dance in the video, like the cast in the video! In fact, Jax Jones “Breathe” was so popular that another artist copied the entire tune and turned it into a different song. Even so, ‘Breathe’ boasts triple the views than the copycat version.


“I’m a Mess” by Bebe


We all feel like we are a mess at times. But Bebe Rexha seemed to have pronounced those emotions better! No wonder this song had topped so many charts! It’s an anthem of every boy or girl who is lost and struggling to find a way.