Huawei to invest $ 2bn on security center, software | 2018-12-19 |

Huawei to invest $ 2bn on security center, software

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19th December, 2018 08:01:37 printer

Huawei to invest $ 2bn on security center, software

Chinese technology giant Huawei has plan to invest $ 2 billion to launch security center and improve software engineering as part of its effort to secure cyber space.


“When it comes to security, we need to let the facts speak for themselves, Huawei’s record on security is clean,” said Huawei Rotating Chairman Ken Hu.


Mentioning that over 30 years, the company has never had a serious cyber security issue or seen any evidence showing its equipment is a security threat, he claimed: “We have a solid track record.”


In a press conference at its headquarters in Shenzhen Ken Hu also directly addressed recent allegations against Huawei, stating that it is best to let facts speak for themselves, said a press release on Wednesday.


The rotating chairman added the company is keenly aware it has to be proactive with governments, local communities and its customers, but argued: “This is what we have been doing, and we are willing to take additional steps compared to our peers in the industry.”


“We will not relax. As technology becomes more complex and networks become more open, we will continue to increase our investment in security related efforts,” he added.