BNP, Jamaat resort to poll violence | 2018-12-13

BNP, Jamaat resort to poll violence

Md Esaraf Hossain

13th December, 2018 03:08:00 printer

BNP, Jamaat resort to poll violence

Activists of BNP and Jamaat-e-Islami under the banner of Jatiya Oikyo Front are allegedly resorting to violence across the country in the name of election campaign.

On Tuesday, the second day of electioneering for the upcoming national polls, they took to streets in angry mood, clashed with law enforcers and attacked ruling party men at different parts of the country.

At least two ruling party men were killed and many others injured as Oikyo Front activists attacked them in Noakhali and Faridpur.


Besides, 72 people were injured in pre-poll violence in Noakhali, Faridpur, Thakurgaon, Manikganj, Bogura and Jhalakathi districts on the same day.

Intelligence sources said many activists of BNP, its key ally Jamaat and their student fronts, who went into hiding in the face of massive operation by law enforcers, have started coming out of their hideouts and reorganising themselves to create anarchy ahead of the national polls.  Like the years of 2013 and 2014, the BNP and Jamaat activists may unleash widespread violence in the capital and elsewhere in the country, they added.

Law enforcers, including members of intelligence branches, are  keeping close watch on infamous BNP and Jamaat activists, who were involved in creating  anarchy in 2013 and 2014.

BNP and its alliance partners are taking preparation for a tough movement on streets against the ruling Awami League-led grand alliance.

Many fear clashes between the two major political forces may be more violent than the previous ones.

In 2013 and 2014, Jamaat and Shibir men took to streets and resorted to vandalism in different parts of the country, leaving at least eight policemen killed and more than 300 others injured.

They also enforced strikes in the capital and other parts of the country.

Talking to journalists recently, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mohammad Javed Patwary said sabotage or anarchy in the name of movement during the upcoming national election will not be tolerated.

 The law enforcers are more alert to the possibility of violence in the country, he added.

Last month, BNP activists rampaged through the streets, setting fire to two police vehicles and vandalising many others in front of the party’s Naya Paltan office in the capital.

They also clashed with law enforcers, leaving many policemen injured.

BNP and its key ally Jamaat-e-Islami unleashed violence to resist the national election in 2014 and again carried out subversive acts in 2015 across the country.

They also vandalised and torched several thousand vehicles.

As many as 500 people, including 20 law enforcers, were killed and over 4,000 people injured.

Arson attacks were conducted to burn 2,903 cars, 18 rail carriages and eight passenger vessels.

Through targeted attacks, 70 government offices were vandalised and six land offices were burnt.

Fearing possible vandalism centring the upcoming national poll, all high profile officials of law enforcing agencies, including police and RAB, working in the capital and elsewhere across the country have strictly been instructed to be on high alert.

As part of the move, all additional inspector generals, deputy inspector generals, superintendents of police have been asked to remain alert so that any vested quarter cannot get the chance to commit sabotage in the capital and other parts of the country, police headquarters sources said.

Even all SP’s and DSP’s have also been instructed to keep close monitoring on secret activities of militant outfits, the sources added. 

Law enforcers, including police and RAB, are now on the streets in the capital and other parts of the country to maintain law and order situation.