Bronze Skin: Marvelous Makeup Ideas

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9th December, 2018 09:35:51 printer

Bronze Skin: Marvelous Makeup Ideas

Whether you got tanned lately, lost some colour in the swimming pool or you are naturally gifted with bronze skin, one thing is for sure.You have so many makeup tricks to try out. Celebs such as Jennifer Lopez, Prianka Chopra or Deepika Padukone can tell you how.


The great thing about bronze skin is that colour pops look just as glamorous as absence of colours. Whether you are looking for an office style with light makeup and nude lipstick or you want a party look with tangerine lips and glittery eyes, here are some ideas for you to try out:



The first and most important aspect in having a gorgeous look is choosing a foundation. You should by all means avoid lighter foundations, which will not go with your skin tone. Ivory and light beige are not recommended for you. Do not take too dark ones as well. They will make you look even darker. Better to choose between more brownish colours that will go harmoniously with your skin. They will blend into your skin easily.



With your skin being bronze, you can easily have smoky eyes. Opt for a black eyeliner, mascara, as well as gold eye-shadow to highlight your eyes. It’s a better idea to avoid bright eye shadows like blue, green dark pink or alike. Define your curled eyelashes with dark mascara and use eyeliner. If you want a cheerful, colorful look, apply a darker eye-shadow on the outer corner of the eye and a lighter shade in the inner corner. For party looks, you can be cheeky and opt for navy blue eye-shadow with black eyeliner. However, it’s always safe to stick to nude shades such as beige, light brown, chocolate and so on.



They are always welcome for creating a final touch to your look. Apply the highlighter on areas like cheekbones, above your lips and on your nose. They will add an extra shimmer to your face. Take an advantage of your dark skin tone and play with colours to define your features.



Bronze, light pink or even golden are great choices- depending on your look. Don’t skip the blush. It adds charm to your look. Remember to have nourished cheeks to make the blush appear more natural.



You should by all means nourish your lips and protect them from the sun. With your bronze skin you can easily take any bright coloured lipstick, such as red, orange or coral. When you take these conspicuous colours, limit the makeup by highlighting your lips only. You could also put nude shades for a softer look.