Mainamati War Cemetery reminds all of World War II

Our Correspondent

4th December, 2018 11:15:24 printer

Mainamati War Cemetery reminds all of World War II

CUMILLA: Mainamati War Cemetery also known as Commonwealth war cemetery was established after the World War II in memory of the allied soldiers who died during World War I and II, mostly from Commonwealth states and the United States. This cemetery was established by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) and they are the ones who are maintaining this cemetery.

Every year in November, an annual prayer meeting was organised in the form of religious leaders of all religions.

In the graveyard some of 738 soldiers who were dignified from general soldier to Brigadier and died after being wounded in the World War II had been buried here. An arcade in the entrance of the tomb, in which the walls and walls of this cemetery have a wall plaque inserted in history and story written in English and Bengali.

Inside the straight path in front, on which there is a burial rope on the rows. According to the religion of the soldiers, their grave can be seen in the name plate, death date, posthumous and religious symbol as well - crossing the grave of Christians, Arabic writing on the grave of Muslims is notable.

There is an elevated staircase on the right side of the pedestal, crossing the holy symbol of Christendom. There are two more arcades on the side of the altar. These arcades can be made to the backside of the cemetery. There are also many grave slabs there. Each flower grape is decorating in between the two grave pockets. There are lots of trees in the entire cemetery. There is an exceptional grave beside the wide side of the front of the cemetery, where the place is surrounded by a place with 23 grave slabs. This place was originally a Massacre of 23 Airplane, with the words.

The cemetery is 1 kilometer down the road leading from Cumilla to Sylhet and a short distance past the Cantonment Military Hospital. This is a tranquil place and 738 bodies are lying here.

Everybody’ll feel sympathy during walking through the graves. It’s too much touchy especially when anyone read the names from the epitaph.

The cemetery is open from morning 7:00am to 12:00pm and from afternoon 2:00pm to 5:00pm.

Without this timing anyone cannot enter inside the Cemetery, they are strict about the timing.