EC directs ROs to prevent campaign in waz mahfil

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21st November, 2018 12:54:33 printer

EC directs ROs to prevent campaign in waz mahfil

The Election Commission on Tuesday directed the returning officers to prevent electioneering in religious gatherings or waz mahfil ahead of the national election to be held on December 30.


The EC sent a letter to all the returning officers asking them to take necessary measures so that the local administration or police do not give any permission for any fresh religious gathering or waz mahfil before the election.


However, the Commission said prescheduled religious programmes or any important religious meeting or waz mahfil will have to be arranged taking permission of the returning officers.


In the letter, the Election Commission also asked the returning officers to take necessary steps so that no candidate or political person can conduct any election campaign.


It directed them to engage an executive magistrate in case of arranging such religious meeting or waz mahfil.