Malaika Arora asked about marrying Arjun Kapoor

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13th November, 2018 01:49:42 printer

Malaika Arora asked about marrying Arjun Kapoor


Malaika Arora recently launched a new business venture, a holistic fitness studio. For someone who is known for her blockbuster dance numbers, extensive modelling career and having judged numerous talent shows – Malaika is in a fulfilling space professionally. On personal front, she is allegedly seeing actor Arjun Kapoor. About life in general, Malaika says,“Live life queen size. Be honest and respectful, and don’t live with any regrets.”. Excerpts.


Was the fitness studio a natural extension for you?


Yes, it was a natural progression of my personality. It’s an all-women studio by the women and for the women. We wanted to create an environment that is conducive for women. Not all are comfortable, where they feel they are being watched or judged. So, it’s a space where they can feel safe, reports Hindustan Times.


There are reports that you’ll be soon tying the knot to Arjun Kapoor. True?


I never answer personal questions. Not that I shy away from answering or whatever. I just don’t feel comfortable talking about my personal life. And whatever my life has been, everyone is aware of it. I don’t need to be talking about it. I am just enjoying my life - it’s beautiful and precious.


You’ve had many dance numbers to your credit. Although do you think they shouldn’t be termed item number?


I’ve always said that. Honestly, it was coined by the media. It has not been coined by film-makers. Why give it a label, why objectify women. I’ve done a lot of songs, not for once I felt uncomfortable or objectified on screen. Whatever songs I’ve done were out of my own free will. At the end of the day, people perceive it differently. I cannot change all of that. But I can talk for myself. I love dancing. Dancing is a wonderful freedom of expression. I don’t look at it that way – whether it’s an Indian dance, a traditional number or a sensuous number.


How about some of the lyric of songs, should that be reconsidered?


Maybe that can be done. Some of the lyrics can get a bit too much. But some of it, you’ve got to look at it from the spirit of the song. It can be a little naughty and tongue-in-cheek. If I find something cheap or vulgar, then I will voice my opinion. So, if someone is not comfortable with something - the lyric or a step - you should be clear about it. The minute you say it, people will know you mean business and nobody will mess around with you.


Is your son Arhaan interested in acting?


He is very young. Not that he is not aware, he is born and brought up in a film family. He watches a lot of films and has shown interest. Right now he is in the phase where he is enjoying the process of film-making. Film-making excites him purely because he is exposed to it. Now, what he wants to do in the medium that only time will tell.