2 million Iranian pilgrims head into Iraq for Arbaeen

28th October, 2018 10:17:36 printer

MEHRAN: At the border town of Mehran between Iran and Iraq, a sea of pilgrims surges forwards, en route to one of the biggest religious pilgrimages on the planet, reports AFP.

Iranian organisers say more than 1.8 million Iraqi visas have been issued for Iranians this year for the Arbaeen pilgrimage which culminates on Tuesday as the devout head, many by foot, to Karbala and one of the holiest sites of Shiite Islam, the shrine of Imam Hussein.

Men and women, young and old, toddlers in prams and elderly pushed in wheelchairs—they converge from all over the Islamic republic.

“I go because my heart demands it of me, I go because of my love for Imam Hussein,” said Morteza Taghikhani, a 39-year-old auto worker, who had already been on the pilgrimage five times before.