Teen depression and anxiety

Tazrin Ahmed Toma

27th October, 2018 11:20:02 printer

Mental health is important from childhood to adulthood. Mental health affects how people think, talk and behave. People sometimes don’t even know they are suffering from depression or having anxiety issues.  Some people even think having depression and anxiety is about shame and they don’t feel comfortable to talk about it. Now a day’s mental health is not only about adults. 20 percent of teenagers experience depression before even reaching in their adulthood and which increase 12 times of attempting suicide. Depression is a serious mental health issue which has serious consequences; it is not something which can be overcome by willpower. Sometime it causes permanent damage. There are lots of reasons to have depression which includes biological chemistry, hormones, early childhood trauma, inherited trails and also negative thinking. Having those issues impact heavily on self-esteem and also sometimes causes difficult problems. Teenagers face those problems but most of the times they can’t tell others because of lack of knowledge and awareness. Some teenagers have those issues from their family.  To prevent mental health problems schools and college should take steps. Every school and college needs a guidance council with a professional physiologist whom students can talk about their problems and give the most effective solution. Even having seminars about teenage mental health problems create much awareness. Sometimes students don’t feel like to talk about those problems or share things with anyone. Having seminars and creating awareness can make students interested to talk. In Bangladesh this is not a topic that talk about. But people still have those problems. Creating or having a professional mental guidance service in each and every school and college will reduce teenage anxiety and depression problems. Also creating awareness is the key solution of reducing the problem.


The writer s a student of East West University.