Snake scare at IU leaves students sleepless and panicky

26th October, 2018 09:40:10 printer

KUSHTIA: The residen-tial halls of Islamic University (IU) in Kushtia are in the grip of an almighty fear of snakes crawling out of the building’s walls and floors any minute, having become a ‘habitat’ for the deadly reptile, reports UNB.

At least 10 snakes have been killed in the last few days by panic-stricken students of the university’s Shaheed President Ziaur Rahman Hall, Lalon Shah Hall, Saddam Hossain Hall and Fazilatunnesa Mujib Hall.

Students complain that no effective measure has been taken by the authorities to get rid of the problem, despite coming to the fore a week ago.

Students of Lalon Shah Hall said snakes often enter different rooms, including the TV room, the dining room and the toilet.

“I heard a scream and woke up in the middle of the night and saw that a snake was sitting on the floor of the second storey of Saddam Hossain Hall,” said Abu Raihan, a Lalon Shah Hall resident. “I’m still too scared to sleep in my room.”

President of the IU Hall Provosts Council told UNB that they could take initiatives to address the problem if each hall provost contacts them to do so.