Man leaves $10,000 as tip after ordering just water

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23rd October, 2018 11:09:23 printer

Man leaves $10,000 as tip after ordering just water

On Saturday, a server at a restaurant in North Carolina was given a $10,000 cash tip by a customer who ordered just two waters. "Thanks for the delicious water," read the note that was left along with the generous tip. According to Fox News, Alaina Custer, an employee of Sup Dogs in Greenville, was the lucky recipient of the tip.


"I literally didn't think it was real. I picked it up and it was a giant stack of hundreds, I was shaking and just kept asking, 'What is this?' I thought someone was playing a joke on me," she told The News & Observer.


Turns out, the customer was not just any generous man, but a YouTube personality who goes by the username Mr Beast.


Mr Beast, who has 8.9 million subscribers on YouTube, had two men film Ms Custer's reaction even as he left the restaurant after leaving the tip. He later returned to the restaurant to join his crew, and Ms Custer says she "hugged them all."


"I was so blessed to have that money," she said. "I mean, most of us that work at Sup Dogs are broke college kids and that's going to help me out so much. We got to all split it up, which will help a lot of people."


The restaurant shared pictures of Ms Custer with the money on its Facebook page yesterday, where Mr Beast earned a lot of praise and goodwill for his actions.



"I love when people pay it forward," writes one person in the comments section. "Awesome people out there!" says another.


As of this morning, the video of Ms Custer's reaction is yet be posted on Mr. Beast's account.

Source: NDTV