Bijoya Dashami celebrated


19th October, 2018 08:40:28 printer

Bijoya Dashami celebrated

The five-day-long Durga Puja, the largest festivals of the Hindu community, ended on Friday with the solemn immersion of Goddess Durga idols in the city and elsewhere in the country.


In the morning, devotees celebrated Bijoya Dashami, the last day of the festival, at the Puja mandaps across the country.


Devotees thronged Puja mandaps to celebrate Bijoya Dashami by reciting the mantras and offering flowers to the goddess Durga (pushpanjali) and praying for her blessings.


Each of the mandaps across the country was ornamented with beautiful idols, showcasing the goddess in all her glory.


Bijoya Dashami is the special ceremony to reaffirm peace and good relations among the people.


During the Dashami festivity, families visited each other to share sweetmeats. Married Hindu women put vermilion [sindur] on each other's forehead on the occasion.


As many as 31,272 permanent and temporary pandals of Durga Puja have been erected across the country. This year puja pandals have been increased by 1195 compared to previous year.


Security measures were beefed up at temples and pandals with deployment of additional squads of Ansar, police, RAB and other law enforcement agencies for peaceful celebration of the festival.


In the evening, the devotees bade solemn farewell to their deity Durga and her children Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kartik and Ganesh through immersion of their idols in the water while inviting her to return to them next year.


In the capital, thousands of people thronged the rivers or other water bodies to observe the final phase of the festival -- the immersion of the goddess Durga.


Durga Puja, the annual Hindu festival also known as Sharadiya (autumnal) Durga Utsab, is the worship of "Shakti" [divine force] embodied in goddess Durga.


It symbolises the battle between good and evil where the dark forces eventually succumb to the divine.