America First Means America Withdrawn First

Anwar A. Khan

31st July, 2018 11:19:25 printer

America is the Beelzebub's country. In 1913, with the establishment of the usurious, unconstitutional, and criminal Federal Reserve Bank, Old Nick's minions secretly stole the soul of America and turned the American people into mindless destructive creatures. Hundreds of thousands of Americans and millions of human beings throughout the world have been killed and wounded in Lucifer's false wars, from Korea to Vietnam to Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya to Syria to many more countries.

We want to be brought in as possible. America is not the Kingdom of morning star, but it is occupied by the forces who work for the kingdom of chief spirit of evil. The principle of power in human and political affairs is the principle of Satan. Washington is the Kingdom of Prince of Darkness because the Old Nick has been ruling for more than seven decades; Berlin was the Kingdom of the Tempter when Hitler ruled; and in Genghis Khan's dark heart laid the Kingdom of daemon. And so on.

America has been the Kingdom of archfiend since long. The American people are told that those who expose the Dark Heart of Washington D.C. are derisive and crackpot conspiracy theorists who deserve to be brushed off and guyed. But these conspiracy theorists are rebels of thought who will never go away and shut up. We will never be silenced.

At some point, the power elite and the disdainful CIA will learn that you can't assassinate and demonise every political leader and whistleblower across the world. This isn't the 60's and 70’s. Times have changed. In the last several decades, there has been a great political arousing, especially since the events of colossal misdoings by America after Second World War. If the Kennedys and Kings were killed today by the United States government, there would be riots and mini-uprisings which would eventually grow into a revolution.

Millions of people know the American government has been hijacked by traitors, thieves, and state terrorists and those other Western governments are also guilty of covering up what really happened in the past decades perpetrated by American establishment. People know they are under attack. The modern police force is viewed in America, Canada, and Europe as an occupying army. Cops are Redcoats. They are brainwashed machines who have been trained to carry out the will of destruction and tyranny. The American founding fathers believed that there were cosmic forces at work during the creation of America. John Adams attributed America's success to divine providence. He said: "But I must submit all my Hopes and Fears to an overruling Providence, in which, unfashionable as the Faith may be, I firmly believe."

The more I think about America's and the world's current troubles, the more I lean towards the belief that some great cosmic force is present on Earth and within each of us. With that said, I believe human beings are a creative force, either for good or for evil. We have free will. The future can be in our control. We all have to think and act creatively to bring about a world order where people all over the world can live in peace, not in war, destruction, killing of mankind promiscuously…

World history abounds with examples of one tyrant after another forcing their wills upon that of the people, to gain political power and personal wealth. It is so common of human nature that we now view it as almost a given—sooner or later someone else will add their name to the now infamous list of despots. But we also know that there is another interesting and sad fact of humanity: we seldom pay attention until it is too late. Philosopher Hagel rightly said, “The only thing we learn from history is that we do not learn anything from history.”

Adolph Hitler, during his rise to power, made sure that the youth of Germany were taught the principles necessary for them to be useful members of the "Third Reich." And if we were to say that he was successful in propagandising them, we would be guilty of gross understatement! He was widely viewed by the people as being the saviour of Germany. America that gave Martin Luther to the world, but it violated every principle of Christianity in following Hitler’s demonic leadership to moral ruin and national destruction. Could it happen again? Certainly, and it is probably much closer than you would dare imagine!

We, at cutting edge, are constantly accused of being paranoid because of the Western media’s deliberate prevarication on stance on world affairs. But as the old joke goes, "You would be paranoid too, if everyone were after you!" Yes, we do plead guilty to seeing demons under many bushes and, without apology, maintain that every religion warns us of such. It also seems reasonable to us that anyone with an ounce of horse sense should be able to discern that things just aren’t going as well today as many seem to believe. But the giddy majority is rolling merrily along, totally oblivious to the unmistakable signs of catastrophe looming just over the horizon. And upon the mirage of the financial picture alone we could have much to say, but that is another story.

My friends, take a hard look around you and observe how few people today really and truly have to earn their living through arduous physical work. To be sure, some still do, but they are so few in number compared to 50-75 years ago as to be practically nonexistent. The overwhelming majority of people in the industrialised nations today expend far less physical effort to earn their daily bread than did their predecessors. This is a good thing you say? Well, that depends upon how you look at it! Pleasure and recreation is the number one priority of the average guy today right behind his insatiable desire to have more of it by working himself to death through long hours and stress. Does this describe anyone you know? At least, those who did hard manual labour in the past, generally only worked during daylight hours and had to have sufficient rest in order to continue. So, if you were plotting a national and international take-over, would you want the masses of cattle to have enough time or mental capacity to take note of what was really taking place around them? As a sage is fond of saying, "Wake up and smell the coffee!"

After the Second World War, America’s abominable bullyragging into the internal affairs of independent and sovereign states across the world has been going on at full strength or intensity. This is quite unbearable and irremissible. The flunkies like Britain, France, Germany… have joined the world’s rogue village headman as its stooges. This so-called big brother and its client states have been bringing about unspeakable human disasters across the world. Sometimes I think that Newton's Third Law, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” stands as grossly faulty, at least, in case of America.

Because of America’s colossal misdoings to independent and sovereign countries of the world for long, we should express our strong disapproval of such a rogue state like it and its establishment in the harshest language so that it ceases its operations of unspeakable sufferings for human beings throughout the terra firma of the Earth. Only then, people of other nations will be able to live in peace. And the world is for peaceful living for all nations, not to destroy them or murdering of people recklessly. Humanity must prevail everywhere and that should be our core compass point.

We cannot and shall not forget all the gangs of ruffians of American establishment, an uncultured, aggressive, rude, noisy troublemaker. A noted columnist John Lloyd has correctly said, “America First means America Withdrawn.” As a matter of fact, America has in the possession of awful nuclear military weapons, tomahawks like stupefied destructive weapons of mankind…in abundance, but they are not willing to destroy those dreadful weapons nor do they say anything about them. Look at their audacity. If you read the Western Newspapers, you will also find that their styles of writings are full of lies only.

Noted journalist Maksud Ibna Rahaman has written, “The US reduced Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Syria to rubble. Yemen too is on the verge of ruin. It has now set its sight on Venezuela. It plotted with the oligarchs and the right wing opposition of Venezuela to overthrow the Chavez regime. Chavez died in 2013 but the plot still continues. The US is now trying to get rid of Nicolas Maduro, the successor of Chavez.”

He further has said, “US intentions were crystal clear: it wanted to destabilise the country through a military coup in a bid to overhaul the Venezuelan political and economic system. In 2002 the US with the local oligarchs attempted to overthrow Hugo Chavez but failed. People in support of Chavez and Bolivarian revolution took to the streets and thwarted the attempt. The US and the domestic capitalists desired a more pliant constitution that will favour their businesses and trades. The current constitution of the country enshrined the political ideology of socialism that went against them.”

America’s nuclear doctrine says it reserves the right to use nuclear weapons in any sovereign and independent country at its free-will. It is affording free passage or view that response to a nuclear attack or an attack with other weapons of mass destruction against any state or its allies, or a conventional attack against them.

Any attempt to undermine American so-called interests, politics, political institutions, and values cannot be tolerated. As such, America is the country of chafe, carousing, ogres and evil supernatural being. In point of fact, America first means America must withdraw first from its all misdoings all over the world and let people of all nations around the world live in peace with cooperation and interchange.


                The writer is a senior citizen.