Cultural show by hijras held in city | 2018-07-22 |

Cultural show by hijras held in city

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22nd July, 2018 11:23:16 printer

Cultural show by hijras held in city


A cultural programme was held on Saturday night in the city with the participation and performance of transgender people (hijra), a neglected portion of the society, reports UNB.


The programme was organised under the project of ‘development of the standard of lifestyle and good behaviour’ in association with the social welfare department and ‘Rethink’, a platform works for the hijra community.


Third gender artists Tasnuva Anan, Lara and Jannat performed music and dance in the programme.


Gazi Nurul Kabir, director general of the Department of Social Services, Moinul Ahsan Saber, writer Mostafa Kamal Saber and cultural personality Sangeeta Imam were present as the guests while ‘Rethink' Director Lulu-Al-Marjan delivered the thanksgiving speech.


Gazi Nurul Kabir said it is easy for us to develop these people if we all show empathy to them.


Saying it as an extraordinary arrangement, journalist Mustafa Kemal said, “Generally, such arrangements are very rare. But with the support of everyone in the society, such arrangements should be arranged more.”


Rethink's director Lulu-al-Marjan said, “Our initiative is to bring them back to their mainstream through cultural activities. They promised to leave the old tradition and move forward. We believe that we can fulfill their dreams by bringing them to the mainstream through cultural activities.”


He called upon all people of the society to invite these artists of hijra community in their events.