Villagers suffer for awful state of road in Goalanda | 2018-06-08 |

Villagers suffer for awful state of road in Goalanda

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8th June, 2018 01:37:54 printer

Villagers suffer for awful state of road in Goalanda


Several thousand commuters, including school and college students of two villages, are suffering immensely due to the shabby condition of a road in Chhotovalka union in Goaland aupazila of Rajbari district, reports UNB.


Out of the six-kilometer road from Saruparachok to Charmoukuri village one kilometer has got dilapidated and unfit for use, causing untold sufferings to the inhabitants of the two villages.


Locals said several thousand commuters of the two villages under ward No. 8 and 9 of Chhotobhakla union have to use the road to reach Goalanda upazila headquarters and the district town.


As there is no alternative road, the villagers have to struggle to cross the road to reach their schools, colleges, offices and bazars amid hurdles.


Meanwhile, some locals along with students took an initiative to repair the road on their own and make it useable temporarily but all efforts turned out to be futile with the advent of monsoon, witnesses said.


Talking to UNB, some students from different educational institutions said it is very painful to cross the muddy and risky road during monsoon. They often could not attend classes just because of the poor state of the road.


“Our school dresses often get dirty when we cross the muddy road to reach our school which is very embarrassing for us,” said a student of a school of Charmoukuri village.


ArshadMolla and Nazrul Islam, inhabitants of Saruparachok village, said the road turns muddy and unfit for use with a little rain.


“It’s very troublesome to pull rickshaw vans or drive battery-run vehicles on the road,“ said rickshaw-puller EnayatHossain.


Chhotovakla union parishad chairman MdAmzadHossain said they sent a letter to the authorities concerned with a project proposal for the renovation of the road, and the upazila LGED office assured that the road will be repaired soon.