Tips to avoid sweating in sweltering summer heat

The Sun

29th May, 2018 08:11:04 printer

Tips to avoid sweating in sweltering summer heat

While sweating has its benefits, feeling sticky all day due to the summer heat can feel gross.


If you are someone who sweats too much or just wants to find a way to cool off, then these tips may just help you.


Here are six ways to stay cool, as reported by The Sun.


1. Avoid curry: Your body has the same reaction to spicy food as it does in hot weather.


2. Running: Helps reduce how much you sweat, as it will help you feel less stressed. Stress is known to produce more sweat.


3. Dress right: Pick material to wear that can breathe in light colours to allow the air to flow.


4. Clinical strength deodorant: It helps fight sweat and keep your body dry for long. Pick deodorants that have 12% more aluminium chloride.


5. Sleep: Sweat occurs even when you’re asleep. That is why it is important to keep your underarms clean and dry before you go to bed.


6. Keep calm: Worrying about things increases stress which produces sweat. Implementing tips like mindfulness and breathing techniques to relax can help you reduce sweating.