Khaleda in hostel escaping from hell of “Paradise on Earth” | 2018-04-19 |

Khaleda in hostel escaping from hell of “Paradise on Earth”

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19th April, 2018 04:58:47 printer

Khaleda in hostel escaping from hell of “Paradise on Earth”

Khaleda Laskor (Pseudonym) returned to her parents’ home escaping from her husband’s house on Monday. But it was not a happy return as she faced another unwanted situation there.


Khaleda got married with an old aged person of Kashmir when she was fifteen. She could not stay there for long, although she desired to lead a happy conjugal life. At one stage, Khaleda escaped from the home of her father-in-law because she was unable to tolerate physical, mental and sexual torture by all the family members of her husband there anymore.


When she returned to her parents’ home in a village of 24 Parganas, the parents of Khaleda repeatedly forced her to go back to her husband. But Khaleda was reluctant to go there.


Later, Khaleda sought help from Mathurapur Krishnochandrapur High School’s headmaster Chandan Mayti in this regard. Khaleda expressed her willingness to Chandan Mayti that she wants to get enroll school again and to carry on her education staying at a hostel.


As per Khaleda’s appeal, Chandan Mayti urged hostel authority to allot a seat for Khaleda so that she can continue her studies. Being instructed, the hostel authority allotted a room for her. Khaleda is now staying in the hostel and attending her classes regularly.


 At the end, Khaleda’s parents realized that they were in a wrong track. Now they expect that Khaleda should continue her education for better future.