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See the Northern Lights from this quirky hotel in Finland

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  • 21st March, 2018 10:24:45 AM
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See the Northern Lights from this quirky hotel in Finland

If you wish to see the Northern Lights, but don't want to wait out in the freezing cold, a new hotel in northern Finland could be the one for you.


The fleet of glamping cabins is built on skis so that they can be pulled to remote wilderness locations, where you are more likely to spot the Northern lights.


The guests can experience the natural show from the comfort of their beds through clear roofs from their cosy wooden cabins.


A new Hotel on Skis gives its guests the best chance to witness the Northern Lights.


There are three mobile rooms available, all of which comfortably accommodate two people. The cabins will be set up together to create a Aurora wilderness camp, in the best location for Northern Lights hunting.


The trip starts at 6 pm, with an experienced guide transporting guests by snowmobile to their room for the night, before teaching them how to make a campfire to grill some local sausages.


After the wild BBQ, guests will have the camp to themselves to hunt for the Northern Lights and enjoy the peace of the Arctic wilderness, quoted The Daily Star.


Local snacks and hot drinks are provided, as well as a warming breakfast the following morning.


Experts have estimated that if the sky is clear visitors have more than a 70 percent chance of seeing the Northern Lights.


November to March is the best time to visit and you have more of a chance of seeing them if you go at a time of the month when the moon is small.


If seeing the Aurora Borealis is one of your life-long goals, we suggest you pack your woolens and head to this quirky hotel in Finland for your next holiday.


Source: ANI