Many govt colleges face teacher crisis

Md Solamain Salman

2nd March, 2018 09:27:54 printer

Many govt colleges face teacher crisis

Academic activities at many government colleges in the country are being hampered due to acute shortage of teachers.

Official statistics show that about 3,000 posts of teacher lie vacant at a good number of government colleges.

Teacher shortage is severe mainly at colleges located in district and upazilas.

The colleges which offer honours and masters courses are the worst sufferers of teachers’ crisis.

According to Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (DSHE), there are 327 government colleges across the country. Around 3,000, out of total 15,041, posts at these colleges, have remained vacant for long.

Of them, 70 posts of professors, 150 of associate professors, 270 of assistant professors and around 2,500 posts of lecturers have been vacant.

Teacher crisis was created due to a lack of timely promotions and c new posts creation.

Moreover, lengthy appointment procedures have caused the vacancies, said a DSHE official.


He further said seven teachers for every subject of honours and 12 teachers for every subject of masters course are needed as per teachers’ pattern, but the reality is that many colleges do not have half of the required teachers.   

Some college authorities said they hire guest teachers without any proper training, thus undermining the quality of education.

Principals of several colleges said they wrote to the Education Ministry to create new posts in the colleges soon to deal with the crisis situation.

Students said academic activities are being hampering at Govt. Hazi AB College in Swandip of Chittagong as the four posts of 8 associate professors, five of assistant professors and 13 of lecturers have laid vacant there.

Sunamganj Govt. Women’s College has also been facing an acute shortage of teachers, which is hampering it academic activities.

The degree college of some 4,000 students is running with only 10 teachers. There are no permanent teachers for five subjects — Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Philosophy and Political Science.

Teachers said a degree college should have one associate professor, one assistant professor and two lecturers for each subject and that means the college needs 56 teachers for 14 subjects. But it has only 10 teachers.

“We apprised the Education Ministry of a teacher shortage. We applied for recruitment,” said Parag Kanti Dey, principal of the college.

Academic activities at Bhandaria Govt. College in Pirojpur are also being disrupted as 12 posts have remained vacant.

Prof Mohammad Shamsul Huda, Director (College and Administration) of the DSHE, said vacant posts of teachers will be fulfilled after the joining of the education cadres of 36th and 37th BCS.

There is no alternative to holding special BCS (education cadre) to resolve teachers’ crisis, he also said.