Moudud hopes Khaleda will get bail Sunday

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23rd February, 2018 04:55:58 printer

Moudud hopes Khaleda will get bail Sunday

BNP senior leader Moudud Ahmed on Friday expressed his hope that the High Court will grant bail to their Chairperson Khaleda Zia on Sunday.


“The hearing on her (Khaleda) bail petition will be held on Sunday. She deserves the bail,” he said.


Speaking at a discussion, the BNP leader further said, “We believe as per the rules and structure of the judiciary, Khaleda Zia will get bail on Sunday.”


“Khaleda Zia Mukti Parishad” arranged the programme at Jatyia Press Club demanding BNP chairperson’s immediate release from jail, reports UNB.


Moudud, a BNP standing committee member, further said, “The more it will take to grant her bail, it will be a minus point for the government.”


He alleged that the government deliberately delayed to give a certified copy of the verdict using various tricks.


The BNP leader also alleged that Khaleda Zia has been suffering immensely in jail as she was kept in solitary confinement violating her constitutional right.


Referring to their party’s peaceful movement protesting Khaleda’s jail, Moudud said their chairperson strongly directed them before going to jail not to indulge in any violence or imprudent programmes.


He said the government is not happy as BNP is not indulging in violence. “We will prove this time that the government can be forced to accept demand through a peaceful movement.”


The BNP leader said their party leaders and activists are united in absence of their chairperson. “Our leader (Khaleda) will surely come out of jail. We have already proved that BNP and the 20-party alliance are united and we are working together.”


He also said there will be no issue of splitting BNP. “No one could be able to split BNP in the last 10 years and will not be able to do so in the future.”