Bangladesh ranks 92nd in EIU Democracy Index-2017

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31st January, 2018 02:27:59 printer

Bangladesh ranks 92nd in EIU Democracy Index-2017

Bangladesh has moved down eight notches in the Democracy Index-2017 prepared by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) of the British weekly magazine the Economist.


According to the index, Bangladesh ranked 92nd among 167 countries, with scoring 5.43 points on the scale of 10. In 2016 the position was 84 while overall score was 5.73.


Norway once again tops the Democracy Index global ranking in 2017. The Nordics occupy the top three spots, with Iceland and Sweden taking second and third place.


In terms of its overall average score, Asia experienced the biggest decline of any of the seven regions covered by The Economist in 2017, when its average score fell to 5.63.


Meanwhile, world average for 2017 was 5.48 falling from 5.52 in 2016, the report says.


Only 30 countries in the world containing 11% of the world population remains fully free in the category ‘Media freedom around the world, 2017’ whilst 47 countries containing 35.9% of the world population was termed as ‘unfree’.


The Index is based on five categories – electoral process and pluralism; civil liberties; the functioning of government; political participation; and political culture.


This is the tenth edition of the Democracy Index, which began in 2006. It records how global democracy fared in 2017.