Ordeal of constricted gas supply | 2018-01-15

Ordeal of constricted gas supply

14th January, 2018 11:11:35 printer

The supply of natural gas usually becomes more inconsistent during winter and this has turned even worse this year causing unbearable sufferings to thousands of consumers. A significant number of people from many parts of the capital city, including Mirpur, Dhanmondi, Uttara, Agargaon and Mohammadpur, are reported to have complained of either very low pressure of gas or no gas supply at all in their homes. This gas crisis worsens in daytime when it is most needed in the kitchens.

As reported, the pressure of gas improves slightly with nightfall, pushing households to prepare the meals at night time. As a result, many are compelled to adjust the time for cooking with an upsetting and irregular pattern of lifestyle change. 

It is well-known that scarcity of gas is the main cause of sufferings of a huge number of people. Also, there is no denying the fact that due to the failure in maintaining the production at an optimum level, their sufferings go beyond the tolerable limits at this particular time of the year. And proper utilisation of this scarce resource is not beyond question.

Media reports have it that though the authorities concerned suspended the approval of new gas connections, corrupt syndicates, in connivance with dishonest officials of Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company, are still active in giving new connections. And the number of illegal gas connection is quite big, thanks to the open secret business of providing gas connections illegally in exchange for money under the table. 

It is a universal truth that the ever-increasing demand for this fossil fuel cannot match with the supply due to its depleting reserve and production. But the lack of proper planning to ensure its production at the highest possible level and widespread pilferage, the two major factors largely responsible for the ordeal of constricted supply of gas, also remain almost ignored.

The authorities concerned should put a plug in the pilferage of this natural resource and the users should stop wasteful use of it to address the gas crisis. Also, a overhaul of the management of gas supply is the demand of the hour. And there is no way out other than increasing supply through exploring new gas fields or importing it in the long run.