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Palestinians have right to east Jerusalem as capital: Saudi king

Saudi Arabia called for a political solution to resolve regional crises, including Palestinian issue

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  • 13th December, 2017 09:49:16 PM
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Palestinians have the right to Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem as their capital, Saudi King Salman said Wednesday, echoing calls at an Islamic summit in Istanbul from which he had stayed away.


"The kingdom has called for a political solution to resolve regional crises, foremost of which is the Palestinian issue and the restoration of the Palestinian people's legitimate rights, including the right to establish their independent state with east Jerusalem as its capital," the king said.


Salman's address to the kingdom's Consultative Council came as the world's main pan-Islamic body held an emergency summit in Istanbul in response to last week's US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.


King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud said corruption under all its forms and manifestations was a grave scourge that undermines societies and prevents their development and progress, stressing his country's resolve to tackle it.


"We are determined to confront corruption through justice and resolve so that our country enables every citizen to enjoy the fruits of development," King Salman said as he opened the fourth session of the sixth term of the Shura (Advisory) Council.


"In this context, we have decided to form a supreme anti-corruption committee headed by the crown prince. We thank God that the number of corruption suspects is limited and they do not affect the integrity of our honourbale citizens, including princes, ministers, business people, employees and workers at all levels and in various capacities in the public and private sectors."


The corruption cases do not affect the expatriate employees and investors who are a source of pride, King Salman added.


"Your country seeks to develop its present, build its future and move forward on the path of development, modernisation and continuous progress in a way that does not contradict with its values. We adhere to moderation as an approach as God ordered us, and we are proud of our values," he said.


"Our message to all is that there is no room for any extremist who sees moderation as an abrogation and exploits our tolerant faith to achieve his goals. There is no place for anyone who sees our war on extremism as a way to spread immorality and exploit religious easiness to achieve his goals. We will hold accountable anyone who transgresses our values. We are the protectors of religion and God has honoured us by serving Islam and Muslims."


King Salman added that Saudi Arabia has an influential role in the regional and international organizations and is appreciated both regionally and globally.


Such a status has enabled it to hold summits that were historic in their timing and decisions and attended by a large number of leaders of brotherly and friendly countries who set forth joint action to achieve security and stability in the region and across the world, he added.


"The Kingdom has continued to play a leading role in combating the phenomenon of terrorism and drying up its sources. The Kingdom also called for a political solution to address the crises in the region and resolve its issues, foremost of which is the Palestinian cause and the restoration of the legitimate rights of the Palestinians, including the right to establish their independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital," he said.


"I take this opportunity to reiterate the condemnation by the Kingdom and its deep regret at the US decision on Jerusalem because of its great bias against the historic and permanent rights of the Palestinian people in Jerusalem, and which have been guaranteed by the relevant international resolutions and recognised and supported by the international community."


Saudi Araba is also working with its allies on confronting the tendency to interfere in the internal affairs of other states, fuel sectarian strife and undermine regional security and stability, he said.


"The kingdom also seeks to consolidate the values of tolerance and coexistence and endeavours to lift the suffering of peoples."


Source: Gulf News