Sushmita Sen turns 42

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19th November, 2017 10:37:36 printer

Sushmita Sen turns 42



Former Miss Universe, successful Bollywood actor and a single mother to two beautiful young daughters and even then, we bet you cannot guess Sushmita Sen’s age. They say age is just a number, and this actor has been proving the same every day, keeping her fans in awe.


Today, she celebrates her 42nd birthday, and is gracefully quashing the concern that ageing is bad. She is proof that ageing is beauty that one has to embrace with style. In fact, at this age, she can give tough competition to her contemporaries and newbies too. She is raising the bar of fitness and flaunting her sexy back and abs with such swag on her Instagram account.


Sushmita has always come across as the person who has believed and taught to give back to nature whatever she has received. The finest example of this is how she is planning to celebrate her 42th birthday. While she could have planned to enter her 42nd year with a huge bash, Sushmita chose to witness the sunset by the sea shore and have long walks with her 8-year-old daughter Alisah.


Her elder daughter Renee, who is a teenager, is a talented singer and Sushmita has always made sure to give her wings she needs to fly and conquer the world.


It is nothing less than inspiring how Sush moved away from societal norms of having a marital status in order to become a mother and fought the world to be able to officially called mother of these two youngsters.