Walton to sale over 50 models of home appliances in winter

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6th November, 2017 04:33:17 printer

Walton to sale over 50 models of home appliances in winter

The country’s electronics giant ‘Walton’ is going to showcase and sale out more than 50 models of different sorts of home appliances, which demands are generally increased across the country in winter season.


The local brand also set a target of grabbing a lion portion of the demands of the winter season’s home appliances. To meet the target, Walton has already taken multifarious steps from its production process to marketing strategy like raising production, creating sufficient stocks, introducing new models and sorts of appliances, reshaping marketing strategies etc.


It was learnt that demands for various sorts of home appliances like room heater, water heater or geyser, electric kettle, electric lunch box, microwave and electric oven, induction cooker, rice cooker, vacuum flask, washing machine, clothe dryer, hair dryer, coffee maker etc have been jumped up sharply during the last couple of winter seasons due to several reasons. According to the traders of home appliances, the reasons are: improvement of the people’s living standard following the increase of per capita income, recent development in the supply of electricity and availability of various sorts of home appliances at affordable rates across the country.


Marketing officials of Walton brand’s home appliances said inventions of different varieties of home appliances have not only made the chores more comfortable for the housewives but also helped them completing their chores in short time. Thus, the households are now treated home appliances as essential products in lieu of luxurious items, they added.


Md Mashroor Hasan, product manager (home and electrical appliances) of Walton Group, said both the demands and the sales of the different sorts of home appliances, which are suitable for the winter season, were gone up sharply across the country in last couple of years. Then, the traders faced difficulty in meeting the abruptly increased demands, he said adding: Thus, Walton has taken necessary preparation before the advent of this year’s winter.


New models of appliances are introduced. To meet the extra demands, sufficient stocks are created in all Walton Plazas and distributors’ outlets, he said and hoped that they would grab lion portion of the home appliances market share in this winter like the previous one.


Walton is now manufacturing and marketing wide ranges of winter seasons’ home appliance. These are: 6 models of washing machine; 7 models of room heater; 21 models of rice cooker; 6 models of electric and 5 models of 20 liter, 23 liter, 25 liter and 30 liter of microwave oven; 9 models of electric kettle; 4 models of each fry pen and induction cooker, 3 models of vacuum flask; 2 models of water heater; 2 models of cloth dryer; and one model of each induction cooker, electric lunch box; hair dryer and coffee maker.


Among these, Walton has brought a new model of microwave oven (30 liter), priced at Tk15,500. Two new models of Tk34,500 and Tk45,000 are added to the existing models of washing machine. Moreover, some new models of washing machine between Tk 7,000 and Tk 15,000 are in the upcoming list. Also, instant water heater will be added to the existing models.


Walton engineers said, a team of skilled and experienced workforce under the research and development department is designing the home appliances according to the customer’s taste and purchasing power capacity. They followed ‘zero tolerance’ policy at the production level to ensure highest standard of their appliances.