Being at the top is lonely: Hema Malini

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17th October, 2017 03:07:37 printer

Being at the top is lonely: Hema Malini



For the whole of 70s and 80s, actor Hema Malini ruled the hearts of millions in the country. But even as enormous success kept her company for more than a decade, the person behind the enviable sheen felt lonely, something which the arc-lights obviously failed to capture. As she launched her biography Beyond the Dream Girl on her 69th birthday on Monday, Hema spoke about being in the numero uno position and how it interfered with her personal space.


“First of all, I don’t even know if I am supposed to be (called) number one. You don’t realise if you are number one or not. It is the media that tells you where you are, at least that’s how I got to know because I was all the time busy shooting,” the actor told the gathering at the biography launch.


Saying as if it were a matter of fact, Hema Malini continued, “Of course, it is a lonely place, in many ways. Even in personal relationships. You are working hard the whole day, then you come back just to sleep and leave early morning for work. I don’t know how to explain. When it comes to your personal life, even your parents want you to settle down. My parents started looking for a guy for me. A lot of suitors came to see me. But we couldn’t have a match with them. We wanted to but they couldn’t reach the position I was. That’s the difficult part. The fact is that you become so big, it is the most uncomfortable and difficult place to be in and I have stayed there for a long time.”


The actor has also addressed the loneliness that comes with success in the biography, which has been authored by Ram Kamal Mukherjee.