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Trouble-free journey: 10 Baby travel tips

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  • 15th October, 2017 01:19:52 PM
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Trouble-free journey: 10 Baby travel tips



It was over an hour. The baby was crying non-stop. A sob or two and the cry would get louder and louder till it would die a little to start again. It was a long troubled flight.


The mother, holding up the baby, kept getting up from her seat. Restless and helpless, sometimes, she would keep the baby down on the floor. But the crying continued and the flight attendants were busy with the catering to come to the rescue.


Leave alone the other passengers in the flight who were kept awake by the baby’s cries, the troubled mother could not figure out why the baby was crying nor could she stop it. Finally, the baby slept. But it was a long trouble spell not only for the mother but also fellow passengers.


The baby might be hungry or sleep deprived, sick or feeling uneasy. But it’s often difficult to know why baby cries inconsolably. So whenever you travel next, if your long travel plan includes a baby, make sure your baby’s health is in good condition. Make sure to enjoy a trouble-free journey. Here are:-


10 must-do travel tips for baby

1. Feed your baby well ahead of the journey


2. Take the child to the doctor for complete check-up


3. Make sure the baby is not suffering from any sickness


4. Ensure that the baby is safe to travel, be it a car journey or a flight


5. In case of any emergency, carry a baby safety and medicine kit


6. Before you rush for the journey, clean your baby well, change the diapers and clothes


7. Make the baby wear clean clothes


8. Carry his or her favourite pass-time toy or something to hold on to


9. Carry baby’s food, including milk and water


10. Carry enough baby’s clothes and sheets


Now, that you have everything set, have a trouble free journey. Enjoy a truly pleasurable and memorable journey with your baby.