5 Effortless Ways to Look trendy This Spring

20th March, 2015 06:37:26 printer

5 Effortless Ways to Look trendy This Spring

1. Manicure
This tip is obvious. Integrate your personality and your color with a fresh manicure! I tend to always wear the same style of nails; long, oval shaped nails with a glitter half moon. I'm transitioning out of my dark, black nails that I had all winter and brightening up with a fresh coat of white!

2. Handbag
Your bag is something that can become your signature piece, so this is the perfect time to bring a lot of personality into your outfit! Switch up your style by changing out your purse. I've been carrying a dark purse all winter, so this white purse immediately lightens up my outfits while matching my style.

3. Shoes
If you're a little timid about playing around with a lot of color, or if you work in an office, this is a great way to bring some life to your outfit while staying professional.

4. Monochromatic
 Wearing a monochromatic outfit is really fresh for spring. White on white, pink on pink, the options are endless. Layering the same color immediately makes your look more modern, so you can participate in this trend regardless of your color match! My tip for layering colors: Mix up the textures if you're keeping the color solid. This helps an outfit to look more luxe!

5. Fringe
Fringe is one of the biggest trends for spring and one of my personal favorites. It's impossible to not feel fun when you're wearing this style! Experiment with fringe on a skirt, or on a purse and with a fun color!