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Miss World Bangladesh 2017 to take the world by storm!!

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23rd September, 2017 10:13:18 printer

Miss World Bangladesh 2017 to take the world by storm!!

With the Miss World Bangladesh Pageant well underway, the inherent beauty and substance of Bangladeshi women will be celebrated at a national level for the first time. There is tremendous enthusiasm and interest reflected in the social media, youth and communities at large whose aspirations, appreciation and even reservations have caused a healthy deflection from our typical run off the mill kind of social news.


It’s mostly the curiosity to know who will wear the crown at the finale that has the nation on the edge but another subtle yet a very powerful change is in the making, we as a collective nation are not only acknowledging but also celebrating women’s independence, their inherent beauty and the acquired brains that make them unique and equal partners at home and in society.    


With such a positive backdrop and conviction that some of the world’s most beautiful women are born here and are second to none intellectually, a huge expectation is brewing at home that the winner will go on to represent Bangladesh in the Miss World International pageant and claim the winning title.  


This global event can bring benefit to Bangladesh by showcasing the empowerment of its women, deliver Bangladesh’s positive stories on the world stage, and help advance its image as a progressive country.


Special congratulations must go to Engr. Mehedi Hasan, Chairman of Omicon Entertainment (A concern of Omicon Group) and Swapan Chowdhury, Chairman of  Antar Showbiz whose collective collaboration has brought the famous Miss World pageant franchise to Bangladesh. It is indeed history in the making.


Swapan Chowdhury said, it is also a great opportunity to uphold the glory and pride of the national flag of Bangladesh in the international arena.


In the mean time, Mehedi Hasan said, “Miss World is the oldest running international beauty pageant, which began in the United Kingdom in 1951 and is one of the three most publicized beauty contests for women in the world. Miss Universe and Miss International are its rivals.”


The number of newspapers worldwide that print pictures of the crowning of Miss World is incalculable. They’re published in countries that do not even have an entrant in the pageant. Ask any teenager in most countries the name of the current Miss World and the chances are they can tell you, or at least name her country of origin. (For the record, the current Miss World 2016 is Stephanie Del Valle of Puerto Rico).


Mehedi Hasan also added that in future years – maybe even later this year – a Bangladeshi beauty will walk away with the coveted prestigious crown, and bring more overseas awareness, prestige and glory to her homeland.  


TV shows of the event can be watched on NTV every Thursday and Friday at 9:05p.m and every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30 p.m.