Kangana Ranaut: I'm not a man-hater

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16th September, 2017 03:20:18 printer

Kangana Ranaut: I'm not a man-hater


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, often caught in controversies due to her outspoken nature, says she is not a man-hater, and that she hopes to see a society which does not need feminism. The National Award-winning actress was present at the Jagran Cinema Summit on Friday. During an interaction session here, she was asked about her opinion on feminism and why some people called her a 'man-hater' after her fiery interviews in the last couple of weeks.


In response to that, Kangana said: "No, I am not a man-hater for sure... I think feminism is something... a sorry state to be in any society. The gender equality should be there, where feminism doesn't need to act like a medicine on inequality. "We should not have feminists, we shouldn't have all these things... We shouldn't have feminism in society." Kangana has always made some unusual choices in films -- be it 'Fashion', 'Tanu Weds Manu', 'Queen' or 'Simran' -- and how bold she is about making statements on her struggles in her personal and professional life.


Asked about her courage, Kangana said: "See, a person's opinion shouldn't have to do anything with her profession. My profession should not determine my voice as an individual. I think before an actress, I am a woman and a citizen of this country with a free voice, and my voice should be free from all baggage."