Brad Pitt ‘Fears falling in love again’ after Angelina Jolie divorce

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10th September, 2017 03:28:34 printer

Brad Pitt ‘Fears falling in love again’ after Angelina Jolie divorce



Brad Pitt is keeping his relationship with co-star Ruth Negga ‘light and casual’ for now, as has learned he’s afraid of falling in love again after his painful divorce from Angelina Jolie.


Brad Pitt, 53, may be working with a sexy new actress — he allegedly hand-picked Irish star Ruth Negga, 35, for a part in his in-production sci-fi movie, Ad Astra — but you won’t be seeing them engaging in any sort of romantic relationship anytime soon. Despite a recent report by Radar Online, claiming that Ruth may be Brad’s next girlfriend, we’ve exclusively learned that he’s scared of falling in love again after parting ways with his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, 42. So for the time being, he’s keeping things “light and casual” with Ruth. He certainly has a crush on Ruth, but that’s as far as anything will go right now. Poor Brad.



“Brad fears falling in love again after suffering from a broken heart with Angelina. Brad has great chemistry with his co-star, Ruth, but he is cautiously keeping things between them light and casual. Brad is keeping it light and friendly with Ruth, as he has with any other women he meets these days,” a source close to Brad tells “He may have a crush on the beautiful co-star, but he will not be falling in love again anytime soon.” Another source tells us, “[Brad and Ruth’s] relationship is strictly professional and any chemistry between them is in the on-screen context.”


Meanwhile, Angelina recently revealed she hates being single, so perhaps she doesn’t feel the same way that Brad does. Or if she is fearful of falling in love again post-divorce, maybe she’ll “rip the Band-Aid off” and do it anyway. “I don’t enjoy being single. It’s not something I wanted,” Angelina revealed during a candid interview with the Sunday Telegraph. “There are no upsides, there’s nothing nice about it. It’s just hard.” Preach, sister.