Rishi Kapoor on nepotism: There is a curiosity to see star kids | 2017-09-09

Rishi Kapoor on nepotism: There is a curiosity to see star kids

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9th September, 2017 11:42:23 printer

Rishi Kapoor on nepotism: There is a curiosity to see star kids



The nepotism comment by Kangana Ranaut took a rather major turn when the bigwigs of Bollywood started talking about the relevance of nepotism in the Hindi film industry.


Recently in an interaction to promote his upcoming film Patel Ki Punjabi Wedding, which release on September 15, veteran actor Rishi Kapoor spoke about nepotism yet again. He said nepotism has it advantages and disadvantages, and it is relevant in almost all the industries in India.


He said, “Nepotism is very valid in today’s time. Nepotism has happened in India politics, in factories and mills, in every industry possible. The chair just goes to the next generation, whether he/she is capable or not capable, the factory is on autopilot, so the signatory is the immediate next son or the heir. But in cinema, you cannot impose on the audience that this one is this one’s son or this one’s daughter. The original star son in this industry was Raj Kapoor. Prithvi Raj Kapoor was a star himself, but will you say that Raj Kapoor was there only because he was Prithvi Raj Kapoor’s son, won’t you agree that he had merit? Rishi Kapoor worked for forty-five years, and still working, is Rishi Kapoor getting work only because he is Raj Kapoor’s son? Ranbir Kapoor has been working in this industry for the last ten years, is he only getting work because he is Rishi Kapoor’s son? We all have merit!”


The Delhi 6 actor also suggested that being a star-kid himself, he has been lucky to do well, and that not many are. He said, “I don’t want to name anybody, but there might be many who failed also, maybe we are luckier, and others weren’t! But we are running on our own effort, and merit.”


Rishi Kapoor also spoke about how nepotism has its advantage and disadvantage. He said, “We are chosen by the common man! Just as politicians are chosen, we are chosen too! There is an advantage and disadvantage. There is a curiosity to see an actor, his/her son or daughter. At the same time there is a disadvantage, that person has to carry so much baggage as the audience is going to compare them with their father or mother. And you are only good till your first film.”